2023 BMW R1250RT

Walk Around Video Of My 2023 BMW R1250 RT

This Is A Newer Walk Around Video Of My 2023 BMW R1250 RT

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In December I bought a new 2023 BMW R1250 RT from Hermy's to replace my stolen BMW GSA that was stolen in November 2022. I listed the motorcycles that I thought might make a good long distance and rally motorcycle like I had in the past. Motorcycles that made the list was Gold Wing, GSA and RT. Then I worked through the list listing what would be good and bad points to me. I ended up picking the BMW R1250RT as it had all of the options I wanted and more. It also has a lot of safety features like adaptive cruise control.


Photo Of My Doubletake Mirrors and Barkbuster Handguards

The Doubletake Mirrors are great and really provide a great view of what is behind me. We all know the RT's mirrors are not in the best location to see what is behind you and when I added the Barkbuster Blizzard Handguards the Doubletake Mirrors became even more valuable.

The Barkbuster Blizzard Handguards really make a difference in the cold and rain. I will probably leave them on year round as I kind of like dry gloves.

Photos Of My T-RexRacing Engine and Saddlebag Guards

The T-Rex Racing BMW R1250 RT engine and saddlebag guards are very strong and well made. Both have built in replaceable sliders that I am sure will protect the engine and bags very well. They are a little heavier than other brands but you will be glad they are if you ever need them.

Some Thoughts

Some of my initial thoughts on my new 2023 R1250 RT. It is very easy to maneuver and ride.

The Good

  • Great power – fastup to 100 MPH

  • Traction Control

  • Ride Modes

  • Better road ability

  • Better gas mileage

  • More luggage space than 2018 Gold Wing

Not So Good

  • Engine is much louder – I like motorcycles that are quieter

  • Smaller rear tire - I prefer more rubber on the road

Farkles List

  • Wunderlich Touring Windscreen

  • Saeng Quickscan Mirrors Cleartwater Erica

  • Clearwater Darla

  • Hex EzCan

  • Sargent Seat

  • Beadrider Bead Seat

  • Foot Peg Lowering

  • ADV Highway Pegs

  • Givi Footstand Enlarger

  • Gear Shifter Lever Enlarger

  • Handlebar Risers

  • Dash Shelf

  • Grip Puppies

  • T-Rex Headlight Protector

  • T-Rex Engine Guards

  • T-Rex Saddlebag Guards

  • Front Fender Extender

  • Aeroflow Aerowings

  • SW-motech PRO Trial Tank Bag With Magnetic PRO Tank Ring

  • Garauld TechWorks Hydration System

  • MotoReflective Saddlebag Kit

  • AL Priority System Antilaser

  • Garmin Zumo XT

  • Garmin RV890

  • TFT Screen Visor

  • Valentine Gen II

  • Marc Parnes Visual Alert

  • 4.4 Gallon Aux Tank With Lind T Cover

  • 4-Channel Audio Mixer Line Mixer, DC 5V

  • Motorcycle Wireless & QC3.0 Cellphone Holder Self Locking

  • 3 Ground Loop Noise Isolator

  • External SiriusXM Satellite Radio Antenna

  • Gas Siphon Hose

AUX Tank Installation

I had a nice 4.4 gallon aux tank sitting at my house and I decided to mount it on my new RT.



XM Antenna Replacement





3M Reflective Tape On The 2023 R1250RT

190/55R17 Tire

Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tire

Car Tire On A BMW RT

I will be running a car tire on the rear on my 2023 R1250 RT because I like to ride long distances and I don’t like to have to change my tires while out riding.


Spacer And Longer GSA Bolts Required To Run A 205/50R17 Tire



Car Tire On The RT









BMW R1250 RT


The RT is a great all around motorcycle great for LD riding.