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Iron Butt Rally

I rode my first Iron Butt Rally ( IBR ) in 2009 and I was hooked. I think the getting hooked is what happens to many of the riders. When you ride in to the finish of a IBR you are saying to yourself wow I won't do that again. By the end of the banquet dinner that night you are already thinking about applying for the next one.

The Iron Butt Rally is the toughest motorcycle rally in the world and you know it when you finish the rally. It takes all you have to get ready for the start of a 11 day adventure where you have no idea where you will be riding to during the 11 days except for the start and finish. Then you need to sum up more energy to ride your motorcycle all over the US, Canada and maybe even Alaska.

I have been lucky to have owned the top motorcycles that are ridden in the Iron Butt Rally. I have ridden Gold Wings in 2009, 2013 and 2015 and BMW RT 2017 and a BMW GSA in 2019. I am hoping to ride a Yamaha FJR in 2021. Having ridden all of these motorcycles gives me some idea as to what kind of motorcycle really works best in a 11 day rally. The first thing I will tell you though it is not the motorcycle that drives you to the finish, it is the rider. Having a good reliable motorcycle to rides does help.

Over the years I have developed some tools that help me plan and prepare for a IBR and because I think these tools help me I have made them available to everyone. Here is a screen shot of one of my spreadsheets that I use.

Scroll down and you can see how I did in my past five Iron Butt Rallies.

Links To My Past IBR Rally Ride Reports

2009 IBR Leg 2:

2013 IBR:

Iron Butt Rally Planning Worksheet

Over the years I have developed some tools that help me plan and prepare for a IBR and because I think these tools help me I have made them available to everyone. Here is a screen shot of some of the tools I have developed that I use to help me plan including my routing in rallies.

One of the tools is to build a GPX file of bonus information from the file that is provided by the rally master at the start of a rally. This tool builds the GPX file that has all of the bonus information I like to see in my mapping software ( now Basecamp ).

Click The Image For Full Size

Below is screen shots of another tool I use to identify how many riding hours I have in a rally along with how many miles I should plan for when creating my routes. Click on the image for a full size version.

Below is another screen shots of spreadsheet tool I use to identify how many points I should target from bonuses a rally based on target point information from the rally master. Click on the image for a full size version.

2019 Iron Butt Rally

The 2019 Iron Butt Rally will start in Greenville, SC on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM. the start and finish hotel is the Marriott Greenville.

I have made a big change in the type of motorcycle I ride and in this IBR I will be riding my new 2019 BMW R1250 GS Adventure. As I get older I need a motorcycle that is more nimbler and capable of going anywhere and the GSA fits that bill.

I hope to redeem myself from the DNF in 2017 and have a good finish in the 2019 IBR.

I have been working on improving my rally spreadsheets and I think I have them ready to help me plan and ride the 2019 Iron Butt Rally. I have added some new functionality to my spreadsheets since the 2017 IBR to better help me plan my time and miles available and to improve the data I capture for each bonus. I think for what my goal is of using spreadsheets to improve the bonus data and the miles and time available during the rally I pretty much have the best approach.

Since I now have a house close to the IBR start I will be able to arrive at the start in good condition well rested. I will only have a 100 mile ride to the start.

My goals for this IBR is to be a finisher and I will probably not be pushing as hard in past IBR's. I really need to be sure I have a good shot at finishing this IBR since I was a DNF in the 2017 IBR.

Well my finish in the 2019 Iron Butt Rally was a little less than I had hoped for. I was hoping to do well and finish in the top 10. I had a good first leg and was in 9th place at the end of leg 1 and I was feeling pretty good about how I was doing and how I understood the rally.

When the bonus pack was handed out for leg 2 the rally master let us know that if we went to Alaska or north of a certain latitude we would not have to make the leg 2 checkpoint. I knew right away I was not going to Alaska as I was not trying to win and I did not see that many points to win. there was other possible routes that could give you more points and Wendy Crocket saw that and rode like the wind and was the first women to win the Iron Butt Rally.

I decided on a more conservative route that should give me the point needed to be in the top 10 but not have to go to Alaska.


Below are some photos from the rally.

On the clock tire change!

2019 IBR Complete Route - Click Image For Spotwalla Map

2017 Iron Butt Rally

Unfortunately I was a DNF in the 2017 IBR. After being in 4th place after leg one I had to drop out of the rally in the middle of leg two. It was a good learning experience for me as I had never before had to drop out of a rally.

This IBR I will not be riding a Gold Wing as I bought a new 2016 BMW RT in 2016 and I sold my Gold Wing after riding the RT for a year. I wanted to be sure I did not make a mistake by buying the RT. Now with over 30,000 miles on the RT I am confident the RT will serve me well in the IBR.

Start and Finish Location

Marriott Minneapolis West
9960 Wayzata Blvd
St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55426

Links To 2017 IBR Information

IBR Daily Reports

2017 IBR Weather Webpage

2017 IBR Checklist


2017 IBR Spotwalla Tracking Map - Door To Door


2015 Iron Butt Rally

After my success in the 2013 Iron Butt Rally and the 2015 Cape Fear Rally I could not wait to get back to riding in another IBR and I was very happy the day I left to ride to the start.

2015 IBR Poster

Tech Inspection Camera Check

Start Banquet

Where Is My Hair!

ODO Check

Tech Inspection

IBR Start Rider Meeting ( 15 Minutes Prior To 10:00 AM )

Heading Out At The Start

PEFO – Petrified Forest National Park - Group Bonus Photo

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site - Group bonus Photo ( Heavy Rain )

Lots Of Rain In The Rally Like Usual

More Heavy Rain

2015 IBR Leg 1

2015 IBR Leg 2

2015 IBR Leg 1

2013 Iron Butt Rally

The 2013 IBR was a rally I was waiting for. I had to drop out of the 2011 IBR due to family and work issues and I could not wait to be accepted in the 2013 IBR.

2013 IBR Poster

2013 IBR Group Photo Before The Start

ODO Check

Riding Out At The Start

Pikes Peak Bonus On Leg 2

Arriving Leg 2 Checkpoint

2013 IBR Leg 2 Checkpoint

Arriving At The Finish Of The IBR

ODO Check At Finish

Scoring Table At The Finish

Wow, 9th Place In The 2013 IBR!

2013 IBR Leg 1

2013 IBR Leg 2

2013 IBR Leg 1

2009 Iron Butt Rally

The 2009 IBR was my first Iron Butt Rally and wow what a rally, what a ride!

2009 IBR Poster

2009 IBR Group Photo Before The Start

2009 IBR ODO Check

Start 2009 IBR

Me At The Start Of The 2009 IBR

2009 IBR Leg 2 Route Planning

Finally Leaving For Leg 2

Arrived At The Finish Of 2009 IBR

Heading To Parking Lot After Stopping The Clock

Bonuses I Scored In The 2009 IBR

2009 IBR Finish Banquet With My Wonderful wife





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